Our Healing Hands



 With the hands of diversity, we choose to heal... With pride and diligence, we are licensed, professional, and caring Massage Therapists. 

With respect and dedication, we are trained in a variety of 

therapeutic modalities and treatments. 

With consideration, we have listed each of the massages and services

 offered with a brief definition of what it involves.

Experience a Therapeutic, beneficial Massage or Body Treatment!

We hope you find what you are looking for on our website. When

you do, go ahead and book an appointment on our scheduling page.

 EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! ALL clients MUST sign the electronic spa contract when booking an appointment, and ALL appointments MUST be confirmed! It is very imperative for both contract and confirmation to be received. If one or both are not received, it is an automatic cancellation of the appointment! We dedicate our time, and we value our clients, we want to be ensured our time and dedication are valued as well. Thank you, 

Our Healing Hands



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